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Who We Are

Davanti is a business with deep expertise in all aspects of mobile, not just development. Our team of dedicated, in-house professionals are continually focusing on enabling our clients to achieve breakthrough growth throughout the rapidly changing mobile ecosystem.

Our capability spans across a wide range of industries and platforms, including Windows, Android, Blackberry and iOS, building bespoke mobile solutions for businesses in New Zealand.

Our mobile application solutions are currently in the hands of employees across multiple industries allowing them to perform their daily tasks while keeping them engaged and enabling them to collaborate with each other from anywhere.

What We Do


Innovation starts with a plan. Whether you are just starting to define your company goals, have a set of disconnected apps, or are looking for that next mobile game changer, we start where you are.

Mobile System Archiecture and Planning

Following a process, we separate the design into different areas of concern, reducing complexity and allowing us to deliver the best possible mobile architect for each project.

User Experience

User Experience is where all of the elements of a mobile application comes together. Our team has a strong focus on creating logical and simplistic work flows to bring together the key content of the App.

User Interface Design

Impactful and engaging design should focus on the user. Our team of experts are here to produce high quality and intuitive designs that your users will love.

Native Mobile Development

Native apps enable us to adopt new platform features quicker while reducing possible limitations imposed by third party tools or plugins.

Testing and Release Management

We use continuous integration, unit testing and automated deployment to ensure our release process is smooth and our apps are of a high quality.

We work hard and smart to make sure every client feels understood, in control and enthused about working with us to help them change for the better.

Who We Help

New Zealand Defence Force

The Hub is the mobile application developed for New Zealand Defence Force. The purpose of the application is to provide current and released NZDF military members and civilian employers as well as trusted partners with a tool to engage, share and learn. Other key objectives for this App is to deliver members with targeted vacancy opportunities, news stories, announcements, and most importantly a platform to connect with each other at anytime, any place.

Mojo Coffee

Mojo Coffee has been a leader in New Zealand’s coffee industry for over ten years and now operates over 25 cafes in New Zealand and overseas. The Mojo mobile App represents an exciting opportunity to connect directly with their customers on a daily basis, providing them with a quick and easy-to-use way top up and order coffees from within their stores.

The goal is to bring the Mojo customer experience into the digital age. We are excited to see where this partnership takes us and the potential of enriching the customers’ interactions with the App.

Clients who trust us in delivering innovative mobile solutions

What We’re Thinking

Enterprise mobility: Avoid knee jerk developments

14th October 2015

For a mobile implementation to succeed, it needs to have two things: purpose and an ability to fulfil that purpose. Purpose is important to any initiative and is usually the key business outcome that underpins the application. However, this article is about the second thing: the elusive ability to implement a mobile solution that actually fulfills what it is designed to do.

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Design Considerations for Mobile Solutions

21st October 2014

Recently, the importance of mobile phones has grown to the point where they can no longer be considered as an afterthought. Virtually every person has a mobile phone, and the way they use it has opened up great opportunities for organisations.

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Why Do Brands Need a Mobile App?

21st October 2014

What do my customers need? This is likely one of the key questions you ask yourself every day. The question acknowledges the importance of customers in sustaining your business and encourages you to service them in a customer centric manner. Yet after years of repetition it is sometimes easy to forget that as society and technology advances, customers’ needs change.

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Designing for mobile

23rd June 2014

The importance of mobile phones has grown to the point where they can no longer be considered as an afterthought. Virtually every person has a mobile phone, and the way they use it has opened up great opportunities for organisations. So, today I am going to use a slightly backwards approach to give my thoughts on the matter.

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Davanti is a business and technology consultancy with deep expertise in customer engagement, cloud architecture, and mobility.

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